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For Asian History, I learned about India and other parts of South Asia. I am rather fascinated with the architecture and landscapes of India. Here are some paintings and drawings that were inspired by the country.

A Fair with Friends

*Macy calls Alice on the telephone with great news*

Macy: Hey, Alice! Guess what? There’s going to be a big fair in town, with balloons, and popcorn, and all kinds of fun things! It’s going to be opening tomorrow!
Alice: Wow! A fair in town? That would be so cool!
Macy: Yeah! I was hoping if you’d want to come with me? My parents got me two tickets so we can both enjoy.
Alice: Sounds great! I’d love to come with you!
Macy: Great! We can meet at 10AM, in front of the fair’s entrance.
Alice: Alright! See you!

*The girls meet in front of the fair entrance on a bright, sunny morning.* 
Alice: Woooooooow! This is amazing! The tent is so colorful!
Macy: Yeah, it kind of reminds me of a Cirque Du Soleil tent.
*Macy turns and notices the entrance line getting longer.*
Macy: Hey, we better get in. The line’s getting longer.

*Macy and Alice enter the tent. It is very colorful and bunting flags are hanging from the ceiling.*

Macy: Wow, it’s only 10:15 and the place is jam packed! 
*Alice notices a raffle box and drags Macy along*
Alice: Hey, check this out Macy! The winner gets to win a brand new laptop! What do you think our chances of winning are?
Macy: Well, considering this crowd, the chances are very slim. But it doesn’t hurt to try! Why don’t we ask how many have dropped raffle tickets so far?
*They approach the lady at the raffle booth.*
Alice: Excuse me, may I ask how many people have dropped raffle tickets?
Raffle lady: Well, so far, we’ve had a hundred people drop tickets and-
*Suddenly, a speaker turns on and an announcement is made*
Voice from speaker: Attention all fair-goers, we are extremely overwhelmed with the amount of people that came by to visit the fair today. We currently have a hundred people in the tent which is more than the tent’s capacity. We will be not be allowing any entrances for the time being, at least until the crowd’s number has decreased. Thank you and enjoy the fair!
Macy: Well, each of us have 1/1500 chances of winning. Both of us together means, 2/150 or 1/75. Haha!
Alice: The tent somewhat reminds me of osmosis in a cell. The “concentration” of people transfered to the inside of the tent, thus making it look bigger. Some of the booths even moved back to provide more space.
Macy: It also reminds me of diffusion! The people aka the “solutes” move around to places where they are less concentrated.
*The girls go around the tents, visiting different booths and joining different activites.*
*After 3 hours. they decide to go home.*
Macy: I have to say the perfume making booth has got to be my favorite. What if I want to combine a mixture with 9% vanilla  and a 10ml mixture with 20% cinammon to make a combined mixture with 12% of the perfume oils?
*Alice takes out a pen and paper from her bag and writes down the equation: 0.09x + 0.2x(10) = 0.12(x+10) *
Alice: Well, the first thing we’re going to do is free the x from its parenthesis and then move them to the same sides and…..
*She solves the equation like:
0.09x + 0.2x(10) = 0.12(x+10)
0.09x + 2x = 0.12x + 1.2
0.9x + 2x – 0.12x = 1.2 
1.97x = 1.2
1.97x/1.97 = 1.2/1.97
x = 0.609 or 0.61 *
Alice: You’re going to need 0.61 ml of the 9% vanilla mixture.
*They walk home to Alice’s house*
Alice: Thanks for the best day ever! I had a wonderful time!
Macy: Any time! I hope we can do something like this again in the future! 
*The two friends hug and the scene ends.*

Cells and Prime Numbers cooperate too, you know!

Atoms, Elements, Molecules. Those are the basic components that form the different objects we see everday, what more, US PEOPLE! It’s truly amazing how complex God designed each and every creature on this planet. We have so many cells that form inside of us, and basically it makes up who we are. Each cell does its part to create one beautiful thing that has its own place of importance on earth.

Let’s get into a bigger picture: cells. Cells are the basic building blocks that make US! We have over 50 trillion cells! Inside those cells, are organelles that cooperate together to help the cell participate in the 11 main functions of life for it to survive.

Each organelle is like a prime factor to the entire cell. Getting into detail and understanding how the cell works is like factoring into prime numbers. Equations and fractions become easier to solve when the first thing you do is simplify. That way, you don’t have to add an extra step of simplifying in the end.

Come to think of it, people are like cells/prime numbers and the world is the giant organism/equation. Every person has a role to play in this world. Remember what I said about Camp Change? I want kids, boys and girls, to join together to create a better and more peaceful world.

Math wise, the world is a giant equation because there are different problems to solve. My dad always tells me, “Why make things harder if you can make them simpler?” We can make things simpler and  situations more peaceful in this world by cooperating with each other and accepting each other irregardless of our race, religion, or nation.

Each of us has a role to play in this world. We just need to find our purpose, what God wants us to accomplish in life.

Kooperasyon sa Bansa

Gaano mo kamahal ang iyong bayan? Lahat tayong mga Pilipino ay may tungkulin sa ating bansa at nagpapakita ito ng pagmamahal at pagiging makabayan.
Sa Florante at Laura, ipinagtanggol ni Florante ang Albanya, ang bayang kinalakihan niya. Sinabi niya sa kanyang sarili na sana hindi tatanggapin ng mga taga-Albanya ang isang masamang tao na mamuno sa kanila. Umaasa siya na ipaglalaban naman nila ang kanilang kalayaan at kung ano ang tama.
Kooperasyon ang kailangan ng isang bansa para matupad ang isang layunin. Katulad ng ginawa ni Gandhi, matutupad ang kapayapaan kung maayos na magtulungan ang mga Pilipino. Isang magandang halimbawa ng kooperasyon dito sa Pilipinas ay ang People Power Revolution noong 1986. Libu-libong mga Pilipino, matatanda at mga bata, babae at lalaki, ay sama-samang lumaban sa pagiging diktador ni dating pangulong Ferdinand Marcos.
Sa tingin ko, dapat isipin muna ng mga Pilipino ang mga epekto ng kanilang mga kilos bago gawin ang mga ito. Isipin natin kung ito ay para sa kabutihan ng kapwa nating mga Pilipino at sa kabutihan ng ating bansa. Ang pagiging makasarili ay isa sa mga pinaka-nakakalungkot na ugali ng mga Pilipino. Naniniwala ako na kaya ng bagong henerasyon na baguhin ito. Kooperasyon at magagandang ugali ang kailangan natin para makamit natin ang isang pangarap para sa bansa.


I know what you’re thinking. “Such a dark and eerie title, Arielle! Why would you title this post as Possessed?!” Actually it’s related to my Christian Living lesson about Jesus Healing the Possessed.
We all know that during His lifetime, Jesus healed people from all walks of life. Aside from healing the sick, Jesus also healed those possessed by demons. He cleanses the souls of those who were possessed and fills them with love, compassion, and serenity.
Being possessed doesn’t necessarily mean having a spirit inside of you. You can be possessed when you have impure thoughts in your head and in your heart. It’s when we don’t listen to our own conscience and are led to do bad things.
A good reminder for us to keep in mind is the Sixth Beatitude. It says, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” {Matthew 5:8} What does being “pure in heart” mean? For me, being pure in heart means being fully obedient to God’s will and having the self-discipline to turn away from the temptation in this world.
Personally, I think being possessed to do evil is involved with your day-to-day activities. My mom always reminds me that “an idle mind is the home of the devil.” It’s important that we should engage ourselves in productive activities and put our God-given talents to good use.
I personally have this fear of getting bored, so I try my best to engage myself in as many activities as possible. When I’m not studying, I research on ways on how to hone my art skills. I try to develop the talents God has given me. I find activities where I can be productive so I can use the skills and talents to glorify Him! When I do, I feel possessed {in a good way!} with God’s love and guidance.
Another good reminder for us to be pure in heart is the Golden Rule – Do unto others what you would want them to do to you. You wouldn’t want people to steal or harm you, right? We should stop and think, “Do I want this to happen to myself?”
Being pure in heart will eventually lead to being pure in mind. This will help us develop good habits in daily life. My mom always tells me this beautiful message to help me remember to develop good habits, be pure in heart and mind: 

“Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your character. Your character becomes your destiny.”
Camp Change

Camp Change

“Here in this village you may see, children living happily.” Those are the first lines of the CISV song we sing at camp every morning and evening. CISV {Children’s International Summer Villages} is an organization aimed at building global friendships. CISV’s founder, Dr. Doris Allen, believed that the ultimate source for peace were the children. Thus, CISV was born. 
I’ve been joining CISV mini camps for 2 years now, and this sem break’s mini camp will be my fourth! What I love about CISV is that that people from different schools, ages, and even countries, come together to build friendships that last a lifetime. 
For MOH, we read about the 30 Years War. It’s absolutely terrifying that war can last that long. Imagine all the destruction and pain that occurred throughout those 30 Years? Imagine all the people that lost family members and friends? 
That got me thinking, what if every country had CISV? {Only 60 countries are part of CISV International} What if every child participated in camps that build friendships with others? I decided to make my own version of a mini camp, that I think would help bring peace and cooperation in this world.
At Camp Change, I want kids to believe that change doesn’t mean you have to be part of a big movement. Change begins with yourself. I want kids to discover and hone the talents God has given them, and use them to cooperate with others to create a better and more peaceful world to live in.
I also want kids at Camp Change to “make a wave” and be the new generation to bring peace and spread the love on Earth. I personally want to be part of the new generation that uses creativity to spark change. I don’t want to wait around to participate in a revolution. I want to start my own brigade. I want to be change.

Dipper and Mabel Pines of Gravity Falls

Dipper and Mabel Pines of Gravity Falls

I am a self-confessed cartoon lover. This certain piece is based on one of my favorite shows, Gravity Falls. The show is about twins named Dipper and Mabel Pines, who are to spend their summer at Gravity Falls with their “Grunkle” {great-uncle} Stan. Dipper then finds a suspicious journal that soon helps the twins uncover the dark mysteries of the strange and eerie town.
I love the show because it is very light-hearted, it has good humor, and it has mystery into it. {I loooove mysteries. Hence me being a fan of Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew.} Plus, the characters are extremely adorable. Dipper is my favorite because he does most of the mystery solving and his character is a complete cutie patootie. However, I feel like Mabel is me… cartoon form. We both are very artsy, we both have braces {but mine will be off very soon!}, and sometimes, we both are complete spaceheads. {Plus, I love all her outfits! She has the best sweaters ever!}
This artwork took me 8 hours on Photoshop. Originally, I was planning to draw just the twins because I was never really good at drawing backgrounds. I told myself, “Arielle, you’re never going to get any better if you don’t try now.” 
Behold, my first ever digital artwork with a full background. I am so proud of it! I personally thought I did very well for my first illustration with a background. I also thought I improved with my shading and color schemes. 
I’d very much appreciate it if you would comment your feedback on this piece! I really want to know the things I should improve on and what I could do to get better. 
Dipper & Mabel Pines and Gravity Falls belong to Alex Hirsch

Mahatma Gandhi: A Peaceful Warrior

Mahatma Gandhi: A Peaceful Warrior

Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948) is the famous political and spiritual leader of the Independence movement. He is known for starting the satyagraha, the peaceful resistance against British colonization through civil disobedience and non-violence. Because of his tactics, the British were forced out of India and he is called an inspiration by many heroes today, like Martin Luther King and our very own Ninoy Aquino.
I believe Gandhi truly is an inspiration. Instead of choosing to indeed go rebellious against the British and use violence, he used intelligence and peace to fight for his country’s freedom. He wanted freedom for India, but not at the cost of English lives.
Gandhi has taught me to stop and think of other solutions before acting. Sometimes, the answer you think of first isn’t always right. You have to try different options, but violence is never the answer. We should try and make it a win-win situation as possible. We should always be peace-seeking in every little thing we do in life.
One thing that made Gandhi’s resistance a success was the cooperation of the Indians. It’s such a beautiful thing when a country is fighting for something they truly care about together. Doing it peacefully makes it even more beautiful.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mahatma Gandhi, for inspiring a lot of great heroes of this century and me, to be a peaceful person through and through. Thank you for showing me the value of peace in every person’s mindset and showing how it can mark a legacy. Thank you for being the world’s peaceful warrior.

With My Own Two Hands – Jack Johnson feat. Ben Harper

I came across this song while listening to the Curious George soundtrack. I personally love Jack Johnson and his music. It’s not to loud and it’s just easy to listen to. This song gives such a positive message and encourages us that we can make a difference in this world. It just has to start “with our own two hands.”
Hello again!

Hello again!

Greetings, greetings. I feel really bad. I have been neglecting this blog for quite a while, don’t you think? To make up for that, here is a quick run down of what has been going on in my life:
  • I just recently joined Blogworthy, a blogging workshop by Arriane Serafico of, thus making me rethink the purpose of this blog. I have a message, is it a good one? {Note: you can read more about my Blogworthy experience here!}
  • I’m not going to lie, but AHH! Second Quarter is such a hassle! Soooo much load! I’m not giving up though. Praying to God everyday to give me the strength to get through this.
  • My classmates at Blogworthy say it’s really good that I know what I want to be in the future. I was the youngest, being thirteen. One of the fruits of being homeschooled, I guess?
  • I’m thinking of making weekly features here on The Homeschooled Mermaid, just like I am on Spaceship to Infinity with “Moodboard Mondays!”
Yeah, that’s what’s been going on with me at the moment. I promise to be more active on this blog, just as I am on Spaceship to Infinity. Bring on the blogger vibes!