The Homeschooled Mermaid

John Amos Comenius: Education’s Messenger

Messengers. They’re everywhere! We are messengers ourselves. We all have something to say. God tells us that we should appreciate the messengers we have in this world, and listen to what they have to say. As I grow up, my messengers are my parents. They do their best to teach me what they know is for my good.
One messenger with a cause during the Thirty Years’ War was John Amos Comenius. He is also known as “The Father of Modern Education.” I am rather fascinated with John Comenius because he really knew the value of education. During his time, Comenius thought education was rather too broad and that far too many people didn’t have the means for education. To improve the situation, he proposed these ideas: 
  • Education should be available to all children whether they are rich, poor, male, or female.
  • Education should be realistic and use concrete objects or nature whenever possible to teach abstract things.
  • Education should include the training of the body as well as of the mind through outdoor play and sports.
  • Education should be practical and teach things that help with the ordinary business of life.
  • Education should include the study of science.
  • Education should ultimately improve one’s character and produce order and happiness for others.
I think these ideas are very true, since we almost all of them are already put into effect. Today, we have private schools and public schools. Students go on field trips to learn more. The last idea about “improving one’s character” is just like homeschooling! I am completely amazed at how Comenius was dedicated to letting everyone have education.
If I were to add my own ideas to John Comenius’s list, I would add:
  • Education should also focus on life skills and other skills that would help prepare children for the real world.
  • Education should be more collaborative and involve more doing than just knowing.
I hope if these ideas are implemented with the education system today, we can train the new generation to be their own messengers of their own cause!