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For art this quarter, I wanted to review form. Form is the roundness or thickness of the object. As I was thinking of what to draw, I asked myself, “What kind of people concentrate on form the most?” Ballerinas came to my mind! 
Ballerinas are actually one of my favorite subjects to draw. They are so graceful, and they are great for anatomy practice. 
This pose took me quite a while but I’m very happy I kind of got it! I thought it was time to experiment with different poses, since I want to become an animator in the future. This sort of became a self portrait representing what I love to do most! 
Speaking of animation, I also have to start brushing up on my animal drawing skills. I was very much inspired to draw lions after getting the DVD version of one of my favorite movies, The Lion King

This is a character design I made inspired by the recent Dreamworks film, Rise of the Guardians. The film asks, “What is your center?” What is that one special factor you have, that you can bring to the world? I thought of me being happy all the time {to which my mom readily agreed}. So if I were a guardian, I’d be Ree {taken from my name…aRIelle}, the Guardian of Happiness!  

The Sisterly Wanderlust Series: Turkey

The Sisterly Wanderlust Series: Turkey

Blue Mosque, Instanbul
photo source // National Geographic
I think it’s time for another Sisterly Wanderlust Series post, don’t you think? Kayla and I are currently working on our journal, which if I do say so myself, is slowly getting craftier and craftier. We’ve been printing out photos of the countries we’d like to visit and dedicating pages for each of them. 
Recently, I’ve been learning about West Asia for my Asian History. The country that interested me most in this region was Turkey.  Turkey is a trans-continental country where some of it sits in Europe, and most of it in Asia. The country was very important to the early Christians. The new Christian religion spread in Turkey. Paul was barin in Tarsus, which is Mersin, south Turkey today. There is so much history in this country, and it intrigues me a lot. 
I’ve been looking at photos of the top tourist attractions, and wow, such beauty. Here are the top 5 destinations that I would really like to visit, if I do get the chance!

Hagia Sophia Museum

photo source
The Hagia Sophia was originally a basilica located in Instanbul, which was then converted into a mosque from 1493 to 1931. Today, it stands as a a well-known museum and one of Turkey’s top tourist attractions. 
I love visiting museums. I love being taken into different eras and coming out with new learnings. I can’t wait to visit the Hagia Sophia one day because I really want to see the beautiful mosaics that were created during the Byzantine empire. 

Aspendos Theatre

photo source
The Aspendos theatre is one of the best preserved ancient theatres of antiquity. The theatre was built in 155 AD during the rule of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. It has been able to survive to this day without losing almost any of its original qualities.

Library of Celsus

I’d really like to visit the Library of Celsus because it holds a lot of Roman history. It was built in Ephesus, now in SelçukTurkey, to store 12,000 scrolls and to serve as a monumental tomb for Celsus, the governor of Asia. The style of the building reflects Greek-influence on Roman architecture.


photo source
It has always been one of my dreams to visit a beach in the Mediterranean. I’ve always been mesmerized by the beautiful turquoise water and the white sandy beaches. This is definitely on my beach bucket list. Olüdeniz is one of the most photographed beaches in the Mediterranean, and I can clearly see why. 

Patara Beach

photo source
Another one of the beautiful beaches in Turkey. It is one of the longest stretches of sandy beach in the Mediterranean at 14 kilometers. It is also the breeding ground of the endangered loggerhead turtles. The absence of development and water sports mean a peaceful beach experience. Definitely one for me.
Choosing The Right Dog

Choosing The Right Dog

Why is it when we buy dogs, most of the time we prefer pure-bred ones? Why are we very specific with the breed we choose? I’ll tell you what, genetics have everything to do with it! Even when buying a simple pet, we have to make sure its genetics correspond to our lifestyle!
As Gregor Mendel, the father of modern genetics stated in his principles, “The traits of an organism are determined by its genes.” Each breed of dog has its own set of genes, meaning each breed has a unique set of traits. Aside from the physical traits we see, we should also consider the behavioral traits of a dog. 
Each dog has a different set of traits. You have to consider these according to your lifestyle. If you live in a small space, why get a big dog that needs lots of exercise? Why get a dog with very agressive genes if you have small children at home? Even these little factors, we consider.
When you choose a pure-bred dog, the probability of getting those certain behavioral factors is a 100%, but let’s talk about the physical characteristics first. Let’s take the labrador retriever for example. 

What if we had a heterozygous black labrador that carries the chocolate allele (Bb) and bred it with a chocolate labrador? What would the experimental probability of having black labradors be? {Experimental probability is probability based on experimental data} According to the photo below, the experimental probability of having black labradors is 50% percent.

Now let’s get into the behavioral aspect. What if you did have a mixed breed? How do you know which characteristics the dog is going to have? Let’s take the puggle for example. A puggle is a known mixed breed between a pug and a beagle.
Generally, the puggle will be very friendly because both parents hold that characteristic. But what about two breeds with generally opposite personalities? What would the experimental probability be? Let’s take the labrador and the doberman, for example. Labradors are known to be very friendly (F) to children, to families, and to strangers. Dobermans, however, are known to be quite agressive (a).  Let’s say the labrador was heterozygous, meaning its genotype will be Ff. What if the doberman was aggressive yet it holds friendliness as a recessive trait? What would the experimental probability of having a friendly labrador-doberman mix? What’s the experimental probability of having an aggressive labrador-doberman mix? 
This is why people highly recommend getting pure breed dogs. If you do get mixed-breeds, you should definitely make sure the dog’s behavioral traits are somewhat similar. It would be easier to match to your lifestyle. Take note, dog lovers! There’s more to dogs than that cute, cuddly face! 

Responsable ba ang kabataan ngayon?

Gaano ba karesponsable ang mga kabataan natin ngayon? Maasahan ba natin sila sa mga malalaking bagay? 
Sa panahon ngayon, parang hindi maasahan ang mga kabataan. Nakikita nyo ba ang mga pinapakita sa balita? Madaming nangyayaring mga barilan, nakawan at iba pang mga malalang krimen, at minsan, gawa ito ng mga kabataan.
Nakakalungkot isipin na pwedeng gawin ng mga bata ang mga krimen na pinapakita sa balita. Tinatanong ko nga sa sarili ko kung bakit sila naging ganyan? Wala bang tumutulong sa kanila? Nasaan ang mga magulang nila? 
Sa palagay ko, nagsisimula ito sa pamilya ng isang tao. Baka hindi sinusuportahan ng mga magulang ng bata ang mga hilig o pangarap nila. Baka hindi rin binibigyan pansin o panahon para mag-usap bilang isang pamilya. Maaring kulang ang pakikipag-usap bilang isang pamilya, kaya hindi naintindihan ng bata kung ano ang tama at mali.
Dahil kulang ang komunikasyon sa sariling bahay, maaring matutunan ng isang bata ang mali sa mga kaibigan niya at sa mundo. Ang mga magulang ay ang unang dapat magbigay kumpiyansa sa mga bata. Dapat may tiwala ang mga magulang sa kanilang mga anak at turuan ng mga magagandang asal. Kapag matatag ang ugali ng bata, hindi sila maapektuhan ng mga masamang impluwensya ng mundo.
Ano kaya ang magagawa natin bilang isang bayan, isang pamilya, upang tumulong sa mga kabataan? Magbigay tayo ng oras para sa ating sariling pamilya. Mag-usap tayo, kumain, maglaro. Pahalagahan natin ang panahong kasama ang pamilya. Ito ay makakapagbago ng mundo! 
Arielle & Apps: Shark Dash

Arielle & Apps: Shark Dash

To be honest, I’m not really much of a gamer. Most of the apps I have on my iPod Touch are for social networking, photography, and other apps for productivity. Howevever, when I do take the time to find games to play, {being the nerd I really am} I constantly find myself looking through the educational, strategic, and trivia games. 
I recently discovered this new game called Shark Dash. The game takes place in a bath tub, where you have to feed the rubber ducks to the shark. The challenge is, you have to do this using a limited number of strikes. You also have to plan a good strategy to get all the ducks, and all the coins to get three stars for each level.
Strategizing is my favorite part of the game. As you get to the higher levels, the obstacles get more difficult. You have to choose the best angles to get all coins and ducks, without you AND the ducks falling out of the bath tub. {Yes, the shark and ducks do fall out of the tub.}

This game is a great way to integrate my geometry lessons. I have to find out which angle works best so I can get three stars on that level.

My current geometry lesson is on parallel lines. Parallel lines are lines that lie in the same plane (coplanar) and that never intersect. {Definition 25 in my geometry book} We see parallel lines almost every day. We can see them in the teeth of our combs. For us students, we see them in our lined notebooks. Basically, parallel lines are every where in our daily lives.
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson and couldn’t help but try to imagine parallel lines every time I play Shark Dash. I always imagine that the shark’s path is the transversal that cuts two parallel lines. When two parallel lines are cut by a transversal, their alternate interior angles are congruent. This means angles 2 and 7 are congruent. This would also mean that angles 1 and 8 would be congruent because alternate exterior angles are equal when two parallel lines are cut by a transversal.
This is pretty much how I think when I play the game. I love having to pick the best the best angle to get my three stars. So for all you who love a challenge, I highly recommend this game! 

To Love Another Person

Last Friday, I finally got to watch Les Misérables. I have been awaiting this movie for quite a while now. Being an avid musical theatre lover, Les Mis’s music has always been one of my favorites. 
I’ve always loved the musical aspect of Les Misérables, but as I was watching the movie, I never realized how much the story had so many Christian values. One reoccurring theme all through out the movie was love.

One of my favorite lines from the musical is right at the epilogue scene. It quotes: 

To love another person 

is to see the face of God.

Jesus has always taught us to “love others as yourself.” In fact, 1 John 4: 11 says, “If God has loved us so, we must have the same love for each other.” I couldn’t help but connect it to the beautiful message from Les Misérables. 

Love is a very important theme in Les Misérables, and it is shown from the very first scene of the musical itself. Jean Valjean practically spent 19 years in prison, just for trying to provide food for his starving family. The Bishop of Digne offeres food and shelter to Valjean when he is released on parole. Fantine had to put up with the extremes just to provide for her daughter, Cosette. Because of a promise before Fantine’s death, Valjean grew to love Cosette as a daughter even though they do not have any biological relation. When Cosette grows up, she and a young student, Marius, grow to fall in love with each other. Eponine is a friend of Marius who eventually falls in love with him. Despite the fact that Marius does not return his love for her, Eponine saves him at the barricades even at the cost of her own life. The list of examples goes on and on and on. 
No matter what social status, race, physical or mental attributes a person has, we all deserve the same love. In the eyes of God, we are all equal. No one is higher or lower than the other. In all the examples I’ve previously listed, it shows how love isn’t just limited to the rich or those of a higher class. Love is deserved by every person living in this world today.
Jesus also taught us that we should love our enemies. This is a very difficult thing to do. Yet, one great example in Les Misérables is when Valjean and Inspector Javert are confronted for the final time. Instead of taking the opportunity to get revenge on Javert, Valjean decides to let him go. Despite all the trouble Javert has given Valjean in his life, he decides to let Javert go and forgive him.
But wait, let’s get back to that one line I was talking about earlier: “To love another person is to see the face of God.” This line definitely hit me right in that moment. Having been created in God’s image, each person deserves the great love we give God. If we can’t love those who we can see in person, what more God who we can’t see? We should all take that saying from the musical to heart. 

Civil Wars

What are civil wars? A civil war is a war between two opposing sides from the same nation. It’s pretty strange how people from the same side go to war against each other. As weird as it sounds, civil wars can happen at home too. It happens when members of the family argue with each other. For our last MOH lesson, we learned about the English Civil Wars and how it influenced their government.

Recently, there was a civil war in our household. My mom and I had quite the argument. I disobeyed by watching shows on my laptop rather than focusing on my schoolwork. It’s difficult to have civil wars at home because it would be more difficult to have to encourage each other to do better.

Encouragement is our first character trait for this Third Quarter. To encourage means to give confidence to someone by praising or supporting the person. It’s hard to encourage people who don’t encourage you as well. My mom didn’t get to encourage me because I let her down yet once more.

When there’s no encouragement at home, there’s sort of a negative force field around every person. The family seems to be very hostile against each other. When we are encouraged, we have this warm feeling inside. You feel like you belong, and you feel like you are worth something.

I should always remind myself that in order to help others encourage me, I should also encourage them. I don’t want to have any of these civil wars destroying relationships in the family.