The Homeschooled Mermaid
Watered Color! {Hehe get it?}

Watered Color! {Hehe get it?}

I wanted to focus on my watercolor this quarter. I have been painting a lot recently, and I’ve been experimenting with different techniques, mostly the wet-on-wet technique. 
I tried to paint one of the caves in Palawan. I tried to focus a lot on the detail of the rock.
I guess I never got tired of drawing/painting fairies. Teehee!
In this painting, I really focused on the wet-on-wet technique, especially in her hair. I was pretty pleased with the results! Not bad for a first try!

This is Bambino, from the Pixar short film, La Luna. I wanted to get a rather Van Gogh look for the sky, so that’s what I tried with different brush strokes. (And isn’t he adorable???)

Finally, since it is summer, it’s the perfect time to hang out with your best friends! This is actually the second painting of the sketch because the first one got completely ruined. (argh!) This second one actually turned out better than the first!

Artsy Problems? More like Artsy Probabilities!

Artsy Problems? More like Artsy Probabilities!

I am very artsy. Clearly. I have quite the collection of pens, markers, pencils, and all that jazz. I have two pencil cases full of pens and pencils. Sometimes I pick random pens from these and transfer them to smaller ones when I want to travel.

Let’s pretend I have a pencil case with 50 pens/pencils. 20 of them are pencils, 12 are black gel pens, and the other 18 are colored pens.

What is the probability of me getting a black gel pen then a colored pen if I decide to return the first pen afterwards?

I have a 8.64% chance of getting a black gel pen and then a colored pen if I decide to return and replace the first pen. This is an example of an independent event. An independent event is when the occurrence of one event does not affect the occurrence of the other. I decided to put back the first pen, which therefore, doesn’t really affect my choices for the second choice. 
Let’s say I put back these two pens and decided to pick another two. What is the probability of me getting a pencil and then another pencil? 
This is an example of a dependent event. A dependent event are events where the occurrence of one event affects the rest of the events. Assuming I was happy with the first pencil, I decided to set it aside and pick another one. This affected my chances by a small bit. 
Alright, so I’ve decided to keep the two pencils. Meaning I have 48 left in the pencil case, with 18 pencils, 12 black gel pens, and 18 colored pens. What is the probability of me getting a black gel pen and then a pencil? 
I have a 9.78% chance of getting a black gel pen then pencil with 48 pens inside the pencil case.
I used to think having so many pens to use and having to choose between them is such an artsy problem. But now as I think about it, it turned into an artsy probability!



I created my own problems for exponents in harder expressions. I used to think exponents were very confusing, but now I find them quite easy! 

Ang Pilipinas Sa Mata Ko

Makukulay na jeep ang makikita mo
Pati rin ang mga taong naglalakad nang matulin
Ganito ang buhay sa Manila
Talagang parang bumibilis ang mundo dito
Napakalinaw na tubig
Madaming makukulay na isda 
Parang nawawala ang mga problema ko 
Sa tabing-dagat talagang lumilinaw ang isipan ko
Tunay na isang paraiso ang Palawan
Masasayang mga pista
At masasarap na pagkain
Ubod ng kaligayahan ang nararamdaman ko dito
Nakakatuwa ang pakiramdam dito
Sa Cebu, parang isang pagdiriwang ang naroroon
Nakalakbay ako sa maraming tanawin
Pero wala talagang mas dadaig sa aking bayan
Dito ako lumaki sa Batangas
Kung saan mahahanap ko ang aking mahal na pamilya
Kung saan ko mahahanap ang pagmamahal
Ang Pilipinas ay ang tahanan ko
Ito ay isang bansang ubod ng ganda
Kahanga-hanga ang mga tao dito
Talagang ipinagmamalaki ko ang aking lahi at bansa
Ito ang Pilipinas sa aking mga mata

Who Am I?

Evolution is quite a popular scientific theory that is still being debated on, until today. Evolution, basically, is the thought of how living organisms developed over time. I’m sure we’ve all seen that photo which explains how humans have evolved from apes. The theory of evolution and creation has been portrayed as a classic example of the debate between science and religion.

I have been reading articles concerning evolution and creation, and being a Christian, it is natural for me to believe the Christian side of this debate. I believe God is responsible for creating all things how they are. Especially humans. It is clearly said in the Bible that we are made in God’s image, and I am pretty sure God doesn’t look like a monkey.

But what are these articles trying tell us? Well some of them inform us how evolution and creation could be the same story, just told in different ways. Take this article by Dr. John Morris from the Institute for Creation Research, for example. It’s informing us about the possibilities of it being variations of the same story.

This article by Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson informs and persuades us to believe that creation is the one to believe in. Dr Jeanson states how Darwin’s theory contradicts Genesis 1 and other Biblical references to how the world was created. When I read the article, I feel like it is persuading me to question the evolution theory.

The Bible has always been accepted as the true and reliable source of the world’s origin. But then Charles Darwin’s theory comes along and people start to question God’s word. Is science to be really believed in? Is it to be really trusted?

This makes me ask myself who I really am. The Bible clearly tells me that God made man in His image, and the theory of evolution thinks otherwise. Did we really come from apes? I don’t think so. I believe we are more than that, because God has entrusted us the responsibility of the earth He created. He gaves us our own free will, to decide and govern amongst ourselves.

I believe God has definitely made humans to be something more than apes. He gave us the minds to think of ideas and other means of survival for us humans, and other creatures roaming about. He gave each of us a purpose to live. Each of us has a significant meaning to his creation.

So who am I? I am God’s daughter, made in His very image. He is preparing me for an amazing plan He has laid out for me. He accepts me for who I am, and makes me feel like I am important in this world. I didn’t come from apes, I came from a loving Father who loves me more than anyone could!

What do you bring to the world?

What do you bring to the world?

I believe blogging can change the world. With so many people using the internet right now, I really think that one blog can do something!

Personally, I really want to do something to change the world. What’s nice about this generation is that we don’t have to join a huge revolution just to be a part of something. We can do something to make a difference just by typing a post on our blogs and hitting ‘Publish’. It’s as easy as that.

One of the important things I’ve learned about blogging is that our blog is our message to the world. We have to make a conscious effort to make it a good one. Being a teen blogger, I have to be responsible for the words I use and the impact it could have on my readers.

I, myself, want to encourage kids my age to stand up for what they believe in and not just go with whatever trending topic there is today. I want them to get involved and not wait until they’re older. I don’t want people to look down on us just because we’re too young. I don’t want that. 
With blogging, I don’t post just for the sake of posting. Blogging is very personal to me and I make sure pick a topic that means a lot. To be a good example over the internet, I should write from the heart, and not just write some big lie.

Blogging has such a personal meaning to me because it helped me discover myself even more, and helped me find out what I’m really passionate about. I want to inspire kids to find their own dreams, and to do what they love. They say the more you write about your dreams, the more likely you’re going to achieve them. That is why I blog. The more I write about my dreams and aspirations, the more I “become” them.

Since our words do have great power, we should use them to inspire others to follow Jesus. Blogging has helped me appreciate the wonderful God-given talents I am blessed with. Blogging also teaches me to watch my words and think, “Would Jesus say this to them?” It also teaches me to inspire those and hopefully tell them about how amazing it is to have Jesus as our Savior.

This is why I want to change the world. This is why I want to make an impact. This is why I blog. 

Oldie but Goodie!

Oldie but Goodie!

Do you think you could live without electricity for a day? How about your cellphone? The internet? Do you think you could survive today without technology? Answered yes to most of this questions? Well, did you know that there a group of people who live their lives without any of these? Welcome to the lives of the Amish, a subgroup of the Mennonite churches. They are known for being very old fashioned, and they prohibit using things like electricity, telephones, and cars. They also have restrictions on clothing! 
From a generation so up to date with the latest trends and fashions, I know a lot of the teens my age don’t want to be very “old fashioned.” They want to be up to date with the newest gadgets and all. I admit, I do suffer from this kind of brainwashing sometimes.
But recently, I have been “time travelling to the past,” if I do say so myself! A few weeks ago, my sister and I purchased a lovely Minolta XG-E which we have named Kodie. We also have been listening to The Beatles and Bob Marley quite a lot. 
Let me tell you another thing about the Amish. Because they don’t get glued to gadgets or other technology like we do, they have more time for chores, hard work, and handicrafts. More time to be productive! I, for one, have always been interested in crafts. I’ve always loved working with my hands. Last Christmas, I handmade my Christmas gifts for my friends, and they told me they wished they had my patience. 

But what exactly is the point of all this, Arielle? What for?

You want to know what I think about being old fashioned? I think it helps one to be more patient. Technology makes everything so fast right now. Because of the internet, for example, we can have the information we need in seconds!

Whilst shooting with our Minolta, I had to keep reminding myself that I wouldn’t be able to see my photos right away. We just had our first film of roll developed a week ago, as well. We still haven’t gotten the photos back. This made me appreciate the photographers who still use film because they have intense patience to wait for the perfect moment, to take that perfect photo. Yet, they won’t be able to see their photos right away because they’d still have to wait a while for the photos to be developed.

How about crafting? When you want to make something extra special for someone, you have to put in extra effort, meaning you don’t rush into it and skim through the details. This, again, brings us back to patience. Crafting is one of those areas where you need extreme patience. I’m glad I’ve learned to love crafting as a kid. I still do! I’m glad my mom let me love the art of crafting as a kid. This post by Life After Breakfast shows how crafters can help the world!

When it comes to music, or old music rather, I love the fact that you can hear so much soul in a song. I personally believe most of the music nowadays are rather overdone. Not to mention most of them talk about relationships and romance. {Think about it, almost ALL involve romance.} Old music talks about love, but in a different way. It talks about how love is needed to make the world a better place. It also tells us to just enjoy life and every little moment it gives us!

I guess that’s one thing I appreciate about being old fashioned. Since this generation is always striving to go forward, we forget to be content with the life we currently have. We forget to wait patiently for all the wonderful things God is currently planning for us. I personally wouldn’t mind living a life in the past!

How about you? What in your life is an oldie but goodie?