The Homeschooled Mermaid

Sew Easy at the Cuenca Bazaar

Last November 23 and 24, Kayla and I had the opportunity to take part in a bazaar for the first time! This time, we weren’t the shoppers. We helped out in handling Sew Easy’s booth! We sold cool things like bags, headbands, and bow hair ties; all made out of our fabric scraps from our projects!

In preparation for this bazaar, we had 4 “bazaar sewing” days at the sewing studio, where all we did was sew everything we needed to sell. It was really fun because we finally got to meet the rest of Teacher Anne’s students, make new friends, and have more time sewing!

After both days of the bazaar, I came to the conclusion that handling a bazaar is difficult. Haha! You have to find a way to attract people to your booth and check out what you’ve got over there. Teacher Anne gave each of us tasks to make things easier. With me being her eldest “kid” student, I was obliged to go for the finance work since none of the younger kids didn’t want to do anything with it. I also helped out with promotions and giving out flyers to those who came to the bazaar. 

Overall, the experience was really fun, and even though it was tiring, I really hope to join another bazaar one day! Joining a bazaar helps with your finance skills, your people skills, and your speaking skills! Hmm, maybe one day I could have my own booth where I could sell my hand-painted notebooks or prints of my artwork! That would be really fun!

P.S. As I am into vlogging and video editing now, I made a short vlog for the bazaar! I’ll be doing more of these videos, so stay tuned!

Make A Wish

Make A Wish

Last November 17th, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Make A Wish foundation. I’ve always wanted to volunteer at a foundation, especially one that helps children. So when my mom told us about Make A Wish, I was beyond excited to help out!
Make A Wish is a foundation that grants the wishes of children aged 3-18 with life-threatening illnesses. They aim to fill these children with hope, joy, and strength.
I really wanted to help out with this foundation because I’ve had a personal experience knowing someone with a life-threatening illness. My cousin, Gabbie, lost her battle with cancer 4 years ago when she was 10.  I wanted to give these kids hope that they’re going to make it. I wanted to see all the smiles on their faces once they got their wishes.
My heart filled with joy when the kids came in with their parents. They had no idea what surprises were in store for them! I was really excited to see their reactions once they were given their wishes.
The theme of this certain wish grant was a graduation theme, where we would showcase the kids’ achievements for the 2013. Other volunteers interviewed the parents on what achievements have made them extremely proud of their children for the year; the rest of the volunteers, on the other hand, entertained the kids with coloring activities! Hooray!
I grew rather fond of 6-year-old Abegail. As I helped her color, I realized it would be nice if I did a little portrait of her. I speedily sketched and colored a picture of her, and gave it to her as somewhat a “Christmas gift.” It was really nice to share my talents with these kids and make them smile. 
I couldn’t help but get teary eyed during the “graduation ceremony.” I’ve only known these kids for a few hours but I was extremely proud of them for their all their strength and courage. Even if I’m older, I consider these kids as role models for me to never lose hope and to always trust in God. 

I was thrilled to see all the kids’ faces once their wishes were right in front of them. It was really nice to see their eyes light up when they opened their gifts!

I’m really happy I got to volunteer with Make A Wish. It made me realize how lucky I am and that we should all cherish the simple things in life. I think I’ll be inviting my friends to come with me to the next wish grant I attend. I want to share the feeling of making people smile to the rest of the world!