The Homeschooled Mermaid

Calming the Storm

One of my favorite of Jesus’ miracles is when He calmed the storm. For me, it really showed that as God on Earth, He could really control everything, even nature. It showed His great power. But to me, it showed me that if you trust in Jesus, and you’ll be safe from all the chaos in this world. 
These past few days have been a whirlwind for me. I’ve been trying to catch up with Algebra, work on my portfolio, and work on other school-related things. I thought that was tough, until the real storm came.
My grandmother passed away.
My family has been expecting that this day would come since last year. In March 2013, my dad had to immediately fly to California because we found out Lola had been rushed to the hospital. Lola was already in her 80’s, so we were preparing ourselves that it could happen any time soon. 
Eventually, Lola was released from the hospital, but she was still very weak and bedridden. Last January 20 (which was a Monday), my cousin Tweegee told me Lola’s organs were failing and that she wouldn’t have very long to live. Mama and Papa were planning for the whole family to fly to California so that we can spend our last moments with Lola. We even rushed for my passport to be renewed. In the end, we still didn’t make it.
On January 22, I woke up very early, 5:00 AM in fact. I just felt like something bad happened. I went to go to the bathroom and saw my parents talking. It was my mom who told me. Lola was gone. 
I’m slowly trying to accept it, I really am, but it’s just hard to let it go because Lola was always very supportive of my goals and dreams in life. She was always there to tell me “You can do it!” She was always there to believe in me. We shared a love for theatre and the arts. She was a big big influence in my life. During mass last week, I cried very hard because I could even hear her voice singing along to the church songs. That’s how big of an impact she made on me.
This has been a real storm in the family. It really has.
But because of Lola’s passing, I suddenly remembered Jesus calming the storm. My point of view on everything that happened suddenly changed. In all this chaos, all I had to do was run back to Jesus and everything would be alright. It was all so simple. 
This miracle has a better meaning for me now. It’s as if Jesus was offering me His hand and telling me to never let go, because I would be safe with Him. Trust in Him, and I will be protected.