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So What’s So Special About Me?

So What’s So Special About Me?

For Economics, I learned about how businesses actually get people to buy their products. We all know this as a little something called advertising.

With college plans becoming a top priority, I’ve had to ask myself probably a million times these past few months, “So what’s so special about me?” Yes, I’d take the college entrance tests, but since I’m taking an art course, I’d be submitting a lot of my artworks in a portfolio as well.

I’ve also been working on my curriculum vitae, just to list down all the projects I’ve been working on and all the skills I have.

Whilst doing these things, it basically hit me that I’m pretty much advertising myself to my future college. What would make me stand out from the rest of the hundreds of applicants? What would make them remember me out of all the applications submitted?

The world has changed so much and it is just so different right now. So many new things are coming out, and everyone gets to learn something thanks to all the apps and technology. You don’t have to go to an intensive school just to learn programming. With all the online courses available, you get to learn it from home!

I have been very lucky that I have discovered what my skills are early on. It’s just the matter of what would make me stand out from everyone who could draw as well.

It’s basically like going to an audition! What would make the panel remember you? What song best suits your voice? What song best showcases your range?

If you haven’t discovered what your skills are, I have a bit of advice for you:

Play a lot.

I’m not even kidding. If you’re my age or even younger/older, I still encourage you to try different things. Don’t be afraid of messing up or making mistakes. It’s all in the fun. Play around with different activities until you find the one that just brings happiness to you!

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